Games You Can Enjoy in Moments, Brief and Otherwise


  • 20 Strokes is about swimming, and contemplating existence while doing so.
  • Alone Awake, another game with plenty of existence contemplation, focuses on a single choice.
  • All I want is for all of my friends to become insanely powerful (code name) is a delightful romp through a fascinating fantasy world.
  • Phone in Mouth is short and features more humanity than you’re probably used to.
  • The Girl in the Haunted House is as scary as “The Yellow Wallpaper” is crazy.
  • On Spiral Wings can be played in under 2 minutes, but may have enough beauty to satiate you for the day.
  • CRYPT WORLDS takes the breakage of Twine and pairs it with an absurdly complex, nonsensical 3D space.
  • Pale Machine is a contemporary surrealist exercise in creative, non-narrative game design, focusing on the weird, the unexpected, and the potentially obstructed.
  • Room of 1,000 Snakes is basically about a room that fills up with 1,000 snakes, and there’s nothing you can do about it.
  • Nudo will terrorize you with mind puzzles you may find charming at first, but painstaking by the end.
  • Certain Defeat leaves a character in your hands, for seconds.
  • Shovel Knight (which I just began, and am far from completing) is a retro platformer that will dazzle you in its ingenuity, and keep you begging for further exploration of a strange universe.

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