10 Things I Thought About During Player 2 by @LifeInNeon


The Twine “game” Player 2 created by Lydia Neon (Autumn Nicole Bradley) is something truly unique, and can last moments or hours, depending on what you use the game for.

  1. Player 2 is about autonomy and the ability for the player to contribute everything (or nothing) to the game.
  2. Player 2 is a platform for reflection and
  3. that reflection is conscious.
  4. Player 2 is about the ability to manifest, construct, and learn.
  5. Gaming has for a long time been about the game before the player.
  6. Player 2 puts the player first. It is your world, player! Bring everything to yourself.
  7. Lydia Neon is a developer that is kind and offers peace and safety to a medium that pretends to bring these things but really only brings distraction.
  8. Player 2 is least of all about distraction.
  9. Player 2 is about confrontation.
  10. There is a holistic appreciation for humanity within the parameters of Player 2 that fulfills both intimacy and empathy.

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